Helpless but Hopeful

Well, last week my Dad was scheduled for surgery. I’ve prayed for months that the surgery would be scheduled at a “convenient” time. For me, that would have been any time before now. It takes us half a day to drive to them. There was no way we could go with school starting so soon. So the morning of surgery we called. We prayed with my parents before they left for the hospital. My Dad cried and so did I. All day, I kept my phone near and I estimated when it should ring. When they checked in, when they took him back, and when they were done. It didn’t happen. One text message is all the news I had for hours. So when I couldn’t wait any longer I called my brother. He told me they were loading Dad into the car. The surgeon had to come up with a different plan, another date, another surgery. I was helpless but hopeful once again. At least they hadn’t done anything.

Then I began to think more about the timing of it all. God allowed my parents to come and visit a few months ago. They hadn’t been to our house in a few years. My Dad wasn’t feeling very well but he’d refused to cancel their trip. Before they left we prayed and my Dad accepted Christ. God had indeed made the surgery “convenient”. He’d fulfilled his promise of salvation for my Dad. That is really all that matters. This surgery is drawing us all closer to Christ. My Dad is praying for his healing like the rest of us. I’m not going to be there when they try again but I’m feeling less helpless and much more hopeful. God’s timing means everything.

Be encouraged,



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