It’s Summer

It’s summer at our house and this has been one of the busiest in memory. As a family, we’ve made it a point to have as many friends over as possible. What a joyous time it has been. There have been afternoon Scrabble parties, BBQs, birthday sleepovers, and beach parties.

Our house has been abuzz with screaming children, a barking dog, and so much glorious laughter. I thank God for my husband’s voice as we join hands to say grace. When my eyes scan the circle, before we bow our heads, I’m filled with gratitude for the life I’ve been blessed with. I’m nearly breathless each time my husband begins to give thanks

“Lord, today we thank you for family, friends, and fellowship.”

I’m grateful for the children’s laughter and the sound of footsteps upstairs, as the adults trade stories around the dining room table. I love all of the steamy, mosquito swatting nights that my husband and I have spent in the front yard getting in the last bits of conversation before waving goodbye to our guests. The sudden quiet and wave of exhaustion that overtakes me when my husband turns the lock on the front door is a reminder. Tonight’s party has ended but maybe there will be another tomorrow.

It’s summertime everyone. Enjoy!

Be encouraged,