Remember Me

Last week we received a phone call that could have turned into a full blown crisis. I spent the end of last week irritated and aggravated about how inconsiderate and unscrupulous people can be. I went from frustration, to anger, to grief over and over again for about three days. When I got to church yesterday I just needed some blessed assurance.

At our church we sing an amazing song it’s called Remember Me by Shana Wilson. As we sang the song over and over again I just kept thinking about how temporal everything on this Earth is. I realized that all I really want is to know that Jesus will remember me. Yesterday as I sang this song with tears running down my face I remembered just how much I believe in Jesus! I’m so glad that He calls me His own! I’m so glad that I have the privilege of kneeling at the foot of the cross! In this situation, I know that we have been wronged and treated unfairly but I also know what really matters…that Jesus remembers me!!!!

Remember Me by Shana Wilson.

Drops of blood on the hands of
Jesus fall
on my sins covered all.

He received the cross that I
all for grace we’re now saved.

At the foot of the cross I pray, Jesus
remember me.
Jesus remember me.

OOOOO when you come, in your

OOOOO remember me, remember

Here’s a link to the song

Be encouraged,



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