We have a new puppy.  He is my husband’s Christmas present to the kids.  He is also my new baby.  When we brought him home we were under the impression that he was a little older.  Therefore, I specifically, was under the impression that he would be a little easier to housetrain.  I was wrong and our dear pup is giving all of us a run for our money.  As I sat today reflecting on the many activities of my canine charge a word came into my head – Tenacious.

Merriam-Webster defines tenacious as:

persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired

Our house is full of activity and our little pup LOVES attention.  So, the past three weeks have been spent trying to keep him from nipping, growling, jumping and biting at everything and everyone.  His domain is our kitchen (because the floors in the rest of the house can’t stand up to the puddles he leaves behind).  This means if he isn’t in his kennel then he is nipping at your feet, grabbing on your pants leg and using his mouth to untie your shoelaces.   The only way to stop him is to give him what he wants or to corral him in his kennel.  On top of it all, the kennel only works if he wants to be there.  If not, his howling, crying, and whimpering can last a while.  He is the definition of tenacious! 

Thinking about him tonight made me think about the scriptures I’ve been meditating on today.  This morning, I was reading about the life of David.   David is one example that I use when looking at how imperfection doesn’t diminish greatness.  He was certainly not a perfect man but he was a great leader.  David went from tending his father’s sheep, to slaying a giant.  He was a fugitive with unlikely alliances.  His trust in God enabled him to outwit his dire enemy.  In the end, he was a brave little boy who became a mighty king.  Along the way he made mistakes that got him in trouble.   His decisions sometimes cost lives.   His circumstances often cost his peace of mind.  Despite it all, he sought the most important thing and is well known for it.  David was tenacious too; always making his way back to God.

So, I’ve decided to follow these examples of tenacity.  In 2013 I’ll be applying that type of determination in my pursuit of God.  I will be in God’s face getting his attention this year.  I won’t let my mistakes hinder me.  I will recognize that my imperfection doesn’t diminish my greatness!

Join me,





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