Check your neck

Today I was reading Exodus 7-14. I read and thought about Pharaoh in a new way. So, there were ten plagues visited on Egypt because Pharaoh’s heart was hardened each time Moses came to ask for the Israelites freedom. Blood, frogs, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail, locusts, and death came to the captors of God’s people. Are you kidding me? Everything imaginable, even the animals firstborn, were killed or destroyed.

Eventually though, the Israelites were freed. They crossed the Red Sea on dry land. They were on the run because even after all the destruction, Pharaoh’s mind was so confounded that, he pursued them. This, despite the fact that he recognized everything was attributed to God’s judgement. Pharaoh was doomed.

Imagine what it was like in Egypt after Pharaoh and his army drowned. The crops were destroyed, no vegetation of any kind was left, there were human and animals dead in unimaginable numbers, and the warriors and their leader were dead. Widows, orphans, elders, and the weakest men of the land were left behind. There had to be chaos and misery beyond our wildest imagination.

Lord, how often have I been stiff-necked and stubborn enough to disregard the suffering I’ve caused through my decisions? How blind have I been to the destruction?

It led me to think how mindful we must be that our decisions bring repercussions. God means what He says. There are no benefits to being stiff-necked. If our homes, families, communities, and lives are in disarray then we are out of order. Tragedy happens, there’s no doubt about it. But, when our lives become a wasteland we need to check our neck.

Be encouraged,



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