Broken fingers

Last year, my son broke his finger. The last thing I heard before his bloodcurdling scream was the closet door..SLAMMING! Thankfully, there was no permanent damage. He dislodged his fingernail and had a small fracture in his pointer finger. The ER doc stitched and bandaged it and we were home within hours. The first few days it was only unwrapped for cleaning. Then we could unwrap it at night. Once the stitches were out he got a tiny splint, that he refused to wear. He just held the finger out and made sure not to bump it. How resilient my little one was. Now, the only evidence of his injury is a small ridge in his nail.

It made me think about my hurts. How do I handle my injuries? My son wasn’t interested in nursing his wound. He was interested in getting on with his life. If I treated my wounds that way I would certainly heal faster. Everyday I need to stretch the boundaries of my pain. I need to be bold enough to get rid of the splints I’ve used to “protect” myself. I’m certainly wise enough to keep away from things that have the potential to reinjure me. Like my son, I don’t want to be kept from living my life.

Be encouraged,



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