So I’ve been absent for a few days. My intention was to apologize. But I’m not really sorry. I’ve learned something since I last posted. Silence can be GOLDEN.

I think it can be easier to find motivation to write if we know we have an audience. There are people who hang on every word of their favorite Facebook friend or blogger. But I believe that comes with great responsibility. If my posts happen to be “the only Jesus” my readers see, that day or in their lifetime, then I want them to be about all He has to offer.

My 40th birthday was a few weeks ago and the symbolism of it catapulted me to a place I didn’t expect. I found myself searching for answers to lifelong questions. I started striving for a new normal and stripping away facades that I didn’t think were even there. I’ve even wrote some posts you may see here another time. My heart was so heavy and I didn’t want to present my problem without resolution. But today…..mmm,mmm,mmm

The Bible says:

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. (Luke 6:45 KJV)

I spent the past week searching my treasure. There’s no need to pretend that I didn’t find some junk. MAJOR junk! Bitterness, frustration, and unforgiveness were a few. I refused to speak that to you. There’s enough of that in this world without me heaping on mine. But my friend let me tell you what I did do. I spoke it to The Lord and he fixed it. He showed me that it wasn’t the abundance of my heart. He showed me how much I’d surrendered already. He showed me how healed I really am.

Ohhh how amazing. That’s what I want you to know tonight..GOD IS AMAZING. Wherever you are and whatever you are going through it’s all about your heart condition! Speak to Him about what is in your heart. He will surely show you what your abundance is. If by chance you find that your evil outweighs your good..REJOICE! If your good outweighs your evil..REJOICE because GOD WILL FIX IT! I’m a witness. He did it for me.

Praying for abundant good treasure for you,


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