In the past few weeks good friends have lost loved ones. One was a father and one a teenage boy. As I sat at the memorial service for my friends father I was moved profoundly by one person in particular. She was a young woman with special needs. When it was time for friends and family to speak she hurried to the microphone. My friends Dad had trained this young woman and been kind to her at work. She was so sad to lose him and she cried, wondering for all of us to hear “What will I do without him?” Her confession was special to me because it was so genuine. This young woman’s sentiment was so profound because people with special needs know, very quickly, if you mean them harm or good. By doing his job with love, patience, and kindness, my friend’s Dad had so deeply impacted this young woman’s life. For days I thought about her and how much he mattered in her life.

Then, a week later, my friend’s grandson was killed in an accident. He was a junior in high school and an extremely popular young man. As his teachers, family, and friends spoke during his funeral, I heard them explain why so many were drawn to him. Everyone said the same thing. His compassion and care for others was amazing. One of his teachers read an assignment that his mother found in his bookbag. It was a letter and in it he wrote about some of the things he wanted to do to help other people. The common sentiments about him were that he was a great listener and encourager. He made others feel important and he brought joy wherever he was. There were teachers, administrators, and kids from 2 high schools in 2 counties. There were family and friends of every race and they came by the hundreds. What a testimony to a short life that was well lived. All of this prompted me to evaluate myself. What will be my legacy?

Pro 18:24 24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

I’m reminded that everyday someone needs me to care for them. They need me to show them the way, lend them an ear, or otherwise encourage their hearts. Life can get so busy that we can miss the value in meeting the needs of others. Jesus didn’t hand out gift boxes. He gave of himself. He offered His substance..the way, the truth and the life. What I do between my first and last breath everyday matters. I have a busy life and it has challenges of it’s own but I’m cultivating my legacy. I wanna be like who I’ve heard about. I want to be for others what Jesus has been for me. I’m gonna be a present help to my family, my friends and those that God sends my way. I want to show myself friendly and in doing so I will be showing the friend whose closer than a brother…Jesus!

Be encouraged and be a friend,



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