The Good Fight

The Apostle Paul is credited with writing some amazing letters.  How honored the men who received them must have been.  I’ve been excited to spend some time in his writings again.  It”s been as if Paul has been writing to me personally.  In one letter, Paul reminded Timothy to take action. What wise instruction.

I was reading:

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. – 1Ti 6:12 (KJV)

At the moment, many things in my life seem to be intangible. While I’m going through my daily life I’m waiting on God to manifest some pretty big promises. I needed to be admonished to do just what Paul said. I needed to be reminded that my faith is a good thing. I don’t trust in a God who is dead. Romans 8:8 says if I’m in the flesh I can’t please God. Rom 11:6 says without my faith I can’t please God. So in my waiting I must contend. These are no small things that Satan wants me to think and speak against. So if I’d fight for anything I’d better fight for this. Well after reading those first few words I was getting excited about things again. I was thinking that I could keep pressing. Things are only temporary. Then Paul did it.
He said to wrap myself around the fact that I’m forever. I’m the Alpha and Omega sent here for the world to see in manifestation. I have to get my grips on eternal life and what it means for me. The words he uses indicate that I need to have a serious hold on my eternity. I can’t kinda believe in the fact that I’m forever. I must hold onto eternal life for dear life!! Without that realization getting to the core of my being, I’m just playing around. Before time I lived in eternity. After time as we know it ends I’ll be living there again. Forever with Jesus and in the presence of The Almighty. I started with Jesus and I’m sticking with Jesus FOREVER..mmm, mmm, mmm that’s AMAZING!

HEY BELIEVERS..WE CAN’T DIE!! Wherever we are and whatever lie Satan is trying to force on us, it has no power. God has called us to Him. Eternity doesn’t begin when Jesus gets back. Eternity is right now. That perspective eliminates doubt, fear and stress. That perspective is built on what I won in my good faith!

Lights, camera, action!



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