Through the storm

So today the family went on a mini road trip.  On our way back we ran into a relentless thunderstorm.  There was lots of lightning and a torrential downpour for miles.  As we were riding through it I noticed the responses of various drivers.  Most, including myself, slowed down.  Some also turned on their hazard lights. When the rain was coming down really fiercely some pulled over onto the shoulder.  In my mind I was thinking about growing up in the midwest.  Pulling over was in case of extreme circumstances like a tornado.  I noticed that only one car decided to pull under the overpass to wait the storm out.  The rest just sat on the side of the road at the full mercy of the storm. My thought was, “I don’t wanna stand still in this storm.”  So I kept driving and wouldn’t you know it -in less than a mile the storm was over and the roads were completely dry.  I could still see lightning in the distance but I was out of the reach of the torrential downpour.  The rest of the ride was easy.  My advice…keep it moving…whatever storm you’re in don’t stop moving forward (even if you have to slow down)!


3 thoughts on “Through the storm

  1. Twylla C. says:

    Today,for 1.2 seconds, I was ready to ‘pull over’….then I remembered that I asked God to not take me out of m storm until HE was done….Lvuv you girl!


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