According to scientific theory there are as much as six dimensions that we can’t perceive. The String Theory demonstrates that more exists than the 3-dimensional human reality.  Scientists say what believers in the power of God and communion with the Holy Spirit already know.  The supernatural is real.  As I watched a science program with my children this evening the kids began to ask about the Big Bang Theory and the scientists’ explanation that our magnificent existence began with an explosion! The commentator said that after the Big Bang things just continued to proceed from orderly to disorderly. In response to their questions I translated.  In the Garden of Eden there was order aka communion.  Adam and Eve were fully connected to God – order.  Then came sin and the knowledge of good and evil.  Their disobedience brought seperation from the Spirit of God.  The communion was broken – disorder.  At the end of the program the question was asked “Will time ever cease to exist?”.  My mind was drawn to the new Heaven and the new Earth that John spoke of in Rev 21:1-2.  Yes, then time as we known it won’t exist anymore because order will be established just like it was in The Garden.  The Creator of all will again be in complete communion with His creation.  I’M EXCITED!!! How about you?

All quotes from the KJV


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